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Health Care & Medical Financing

Health Care and Medical Financing

At Mission Valley Capital we provide a full menu of loan options to doctors, dentists, chiropractors, health clinic owners and veterinarians. Depending on your needs we can offer your practice anything from working capital, debt consolidation, equipment financing, expansion loans, improvement loans and practice acquisition loans.

Working Capital

A Practice loan is available to medical professionals to use as they see fit.  Whether it will be used to enhance the Practice in terms of new equipment or an expansion of the lobby, or to create financial breathing room between payroll and billing cycles, how you use it is up to the professional. Terms go up to 72 months with no upfront payments and the loan is not reported on the personal credit bureau. The proceeds of these loans can be used for almost any purpose including but not limited to: Debt Consolidation, personnel requirements or expansion of the Practice.

Filling out only the Application only and not providing financial documentation allows for funding up to $75,000. Providing Full Financials can increase the lending amount available to $250,000.

Medical Equipment Leasing

Many times a Practice sees what a new piece of equipment might deliver in revenue but the cost is out of reach.  When you need equipment that will increase the value of care provided to your patients Mission Valley Capital can step in to assist.  There are a number of payment options that you can choose from, including up to 50% for soft costs.  If you need us to arrange for a lease and a loan at the same time we can also do that too.

Practice Acquisitions

This program is the perfect option for the Health care Professional looking for exponential growth. Whether buying into a practice, or just buying out a current partner, providing the right funding for Practice acquisitions is important so that you can get on to the day to day act of running your business.  One Hundred Percent financing options are offered to all qualified medical professionals.

Debt Consolidation

We can also refinance your current debt in to one low monthly payment. You can be approved in 24 hours, and in a week’s time, pay off your total debt amount.

Don’t let revolving debt that has become unmanageable take over your practice. Mission Valley Capital is highly experienced in providing solutions to your capital needs. Contact us today and one of the partners can go over your needs and provide you results that make sense.

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