Merchant Cash Advance and Business Term Loans

The Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) industry has helped many small and medium businesses get the cash they need for projects, expansion and increased inventory, just to name a few. But if a business owner isn’t prudent, these loans can be an unhealthy financial decision for the very business they are trying to grow.  There are some situations where an MCA loan makes sense, like when the money borrowed is used for a project where the increased revenue will exceed the cost of the money or when emergency funding is needed.

The alternative is a bank loan but banks won’t lend unless your personal credit, revenue and income is perfect and the business has a long track record.  So business owners feel trapped between a Merchant Cash Advance with a high rate and short term or a cookie-cutter bank loan they can’t get approved for anyway.

At Mission Valley Capital we don’t take the one-size-fits-all approach.  While we can offer MCA loans we also provide Commercial Financing, Private Equity, Institutional loans, Purchase Order and Business Term Loans.  Having numerous products means we never put you in a loan that would hurt your business.  We provide multiple quotes catered to your business model and can even help to get your personal credit back on track if less than ideal.

Recently, many of our clients have opted for a Business Term Loans. This is the solution for merchants looking for a monthly payment with extended payback terms and rates 5 times less expensive than a Merchant cash Advance.  While the health of your business must be solid to qualify, the approval process requires far less than that of a bank.

Stop finding yourself between a rock and a hard place and call Mission Valley Capital today.  Don’t get stuck in the rut of worrying about how to pay the bills when you have a business to run.  Call Mission Valley Capital today.