Mortgage Loan Originators (MLO)


As an MLO you know much of what you do is dictated by market conditions. While Resale home transactions rose 1.1% in March showing that buyers are hungry to buy, listings have declined 7.2% versus last March. Home prices have risen 5.8% since last year and it’s all driven by a wildly successful economy and a resistance by local and state governments to support home development in their jurisdictions.

New homes sales have risen for 2 months straight; however they’re down 1.1% from same time last year.  And while prices haven’t hit the 2007 records, they are too high for most to afford even though wages have grown. Home prices are now running at double the average wage increase. These trends fully indicate a strong but dwindling inventory of purchase transactions.  As the rates move upward those who haven’t refinanced might start waiting thinking they might come back down. Now is the time to make sure you are doing everything it takes to attain and retain your new and existing client base.

At Mission Valley Capital we provide you an additional solution for your client base.  When one of your self-employed clients’ needs to refinance their existing commercial Real Estate loan to get their DTI in line we can help.  Perhaps a client has equity in a commercial building they want to use as a down payment for a home purchase with you.  We can assist in providing low rates, solid terms and the best service in the industry.  Call us today to see how you can get your clients the extra help for their business that will guarantee you a client for life.